Penny Lane Bar & Arcade

Penny Lane Bar & Arcade
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Brand new to Nottingham City Centre, Penny Lane is another brain child from Fletchergate Industries combining the nostalgia of seaside family holidays, with unforgettable day trips to some of the UK’s most iconic destinations.

We worked with the team to design and build 7 bespoke LED lights that hang above arcade games at the back of the establishment. The neon blue and red lights were created for the venue over four weeks and now illuminate the space to give off an 80s glow like the arcades we all know and love from our youth.

Penny Lane Nottingham Light Installation 1
Bespoke LED Lighting
4 week turnaround
80s nostalgia forever
bespoke sound & lighting

Controlled level sound

As well as lighting, we installed an Opus audio system that was custom built with a decorative bright pink casing to fit the overall vintage theme associated with Penny Lane. As the venue is situated below apartments, we needed to ensure that the sound didn’t travel and couldn’t be heard by the residents above.

Initially the sound carried through but we redesigned the layout allowing the speakers to hang from anti-vibration brackets with no contact to the building and so, stopped the sound from travelling through to the apartments above.

Penny Lane

Chris and the team at iEffects really understood the look and feel we were aiming for with Penny Lane. The bespoke design and build of the lights across the arcade space look epic.

Quick thinking with the sound system has reduced noise for the apartments above the venue, without compromising on the sound for our customers. Great company. Super creative, reliable and genuine.

Chris Guest - Fletchergate Industries