Charter Survey Conference
Sdl Chartered Surveying

SDL have been providing expertise in residential property services since 1989 and now offer their partners national coverage through an array of services such as risk management and surveying.

SDL Surveying Conference - 2018

Twenty-five years in the business and they continue to innovate, employing chartered surveyors across England and Wales. Their bespoke iPad software and IT infrastructure enable property experts to gather full documentation, on-site, providing home buyers with accurate and detailed information.

They came to iEffects looking for support in running their latest conference to over 600 attendees to showcase their latest innovation in software.

About Intro

Smoothly running PowerPoint

We initially designed a set for SDL and built the backdrop to their conference, arriving at 3am the morning prior to prepare the set for their 8:30am rehearsing. It was vital that the set design was slick and modern, but not distracting from each speaker or panel member during the conference.

With the iEffects team smoothly running the PowerPoint presentations, ensuring slides, effects and video demonstrations were worked seamlessly, SDL was able to walk through each presentation with ease and without any headaches from issues with the technology.

1 full day
600 conference attendees
Day through to night

From day to night...

Not only did SDL require a smoothly run conference but turned around the staging from podium speaker to a set up for aband within an hour for the evening ceremony. We knew that it was critical that the conference ran without any hiccups and that SDL had the confidence that they could present with complication.

Their software service needed to be at the forefront of everyone’s attention and with an uninterrupted presentation, they were able to spotlight their innovation without distraction.

We've worked with SDL for the past 3 years on their last 3 conferences, as well as Christmas and Summer parties, twice held at Donington Hall for guests to enjoy a dining experience, which included a live band.

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