Lighting Display for Tipi Wedding

10th July, 2018

Bohemian wedding celebrations, 2018

We recently worked with a Bride and Groom to make their wedding day extra special and brought that little something extra to their outdoor reception.

Their boho-chic wedding was celebrated in a farmer’s field with a massive tipi to accommodate over 200 guests. The tipi tent was spectacular in its own right but iEffects were asked to add to the overall experience and make an impressive scene by lighting up the tipi itself.

Tipi Wedding Lighting 1 News

We used IP65 lights for all of the outdoor lighting to ensure there’d be no issues throughout the event, if they were unfortunately graced with typical British weather.

Tipi Wedding News 2

As well as lighting up the tipi, we added lights to the surrounding trees to create a truly magical atmosphere around the grounds and picture perfect photo opportunities.

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