Lasers for Gatecrasher Outdoors | Coventry

18th August, 2018

Gatecrasher Classics Set Among The Ruins

We were asked to provide the laser show for this intimate open air boutique festival in the heart of the city, in the sublime setting of Coventry Cathedral Grounds & Ruins.

Hosted by the legendary Judge Jules to a packed crowd of 2000 party goers, the event highlight was the Gatecrasher 40 piece orchestra performing live.

The RGB full colour lasers we supplied were controlled by the pangolin laser software, giving us independent control of each laser.

Safety is always at top priority, so no-go zones were set up, ensuring no potentially eye damaging laser lights went into the attending audience.


We have worked with the Gatecrasher brand for almost 14 years over many projects throughout the world, but these classical events are truly the most diverse we have seen. Famed worldwide for always upping the game when it comes to their productions, we naturally didn't disappoint.